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Join, launched in 1995, is the internet’s premier destination for Jazz artists and music. Our newly redesigned site will connect you to the wide world of Jazz through the comfort of your own home.

With you have the power to go above and beyond most social networking sites, because is exclusively catered to your specific needs as a modern Jazz musician.


-          Build an online fan club! Your fans in the real world can become your fans in the virtual world by creating a fan account at! They can follow your news feed, stay abreast of your current performances, and even recommend you to their friends online!


-          Create a unique profile connecting fans around the world with in depth information about you as an artist, your projects, music and photos. Keep your fans in the know regarding your history, performances, and career as a whole! Stay focused on your internet presence with a profile!

-          Create photo galleries of all your favorite performances! Update your photos at the click of a button! Crop and edit pictures directly through your profile! It couldn’t be easier.


-          Upload your music for fans to enjoy, streamed live from! Using our custom designed interface you can create Virtual Albums to organize and categorize your whole musical catalog, including allowing your fans access to Singles and Live Performances as well as your full length albums and EPs and MP3s in digital format. can help your fans easily access your music, and purchase it too.

-          Don’t like people assuming you only play in one style? Assign multiple categories to your profile to show off your repertoire. Traditional Jazz. Ragtime. Acid Jazz. New Orleans Blues. Sri Lankan Jazz. Upload your tracks, and let your audience know who you really are as a musician, only with


-          Get the word out about your next show! Post your next events and performances onto our global calendar for the world to see. Get recognized by your audience, and make your next performance a success by filling the seats with the help of

-          Keep your fans up to date on your career with our Live Global News Feed. Got a new project coming out soon, a new album on the horizon? Get the word out with!

-          Locate your fans by geographic region. Do you play all over the place? Want to see where you are most appreciated? offers a complete suite of demographic information and statistics regarding your fans, where they live, what shows they go to, and how often they support you! Plan your next tour to be a success with the help of!

-          Advertise with Jazzworld! Only at can you find thousands of passionate lifelong fans of jazz, many of whom travel great distances and go out of their way to see their favorite performances. Let them know about you today!


-          CD Production! offers CD Production through CDExperts, one of North America’s premier CD and DVD Manufacturers. All CD’s pressed from glass masters! Come check out our amazing prices today!

-          Be on the lookout for our new travel planning software suite tourMaster coming soon in 2010. Complete travel, itinerary and logistics system for managing the best tours of your career. Only on!



Sign up with today! Your artist profile includes the following features!

-          Build a Unique Profile!

-          Schedule your upcoming performances!

-          Customizable Photo Galleries!

-          Showcase your music, stream/download directly from!

-          Create Virtual Albums to organize and categorize your music

-          Locate your fans by geographic region!

-          Be on the lookout for Tourmaster coming soon in 2010!

-          Keep fans up to date with our Live Global News Feed!

-          Build an online fan club!

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